Hades’ Danse Macabre

An Interactive Immersive Experiential Theatrical performance


 Halloween in May

Immersive, Interactive, and Multimedia.

A blend of Theatre, Escape Room, Gaming

and Haunted Houses.  All wrapped in a

theatrical performance.

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Hades’ Danse Macabre

An Interactive Immersive Experiential Theatrical preformance


Immerse yourself into the Art of the Macabre


Creating the Danse

The danse is 7 immersions into the art and stories of Halloween. Projected scenery fills 4 twenty foot screens as you parade past.  Live actors bring those images upclose and personal.  You are immersed each time you leave one challenge and go to the next.  The Immersions themes include:

  • Spectres
  • Vampires
  • Undead
  • Poe
  • Lovecraft
  • Angels and Demons  


play in a interactive Game

7 Challenges 

7 Stages  

7 Stories

We dare you to play with us in seven scenes of horror.    Each playlet is designed for active participation. Doing replaces watching.  You become performers with the performers.  Working to free the lost in scenes that include:

  • Seance
  • The Dark
  • Photo-agora
  • Exorcising 
  • Games of Doom
  • In The Wall
  • Decomposition




Danse Macabre is seeking joyful souls to join an immersive journey into the nightscape to reveal the unexpected. Come play with dreadful things and rescue their lost souls. Join an interactive experiential immersive romp. Overcome 7 scenes of ghastly good. Dance among the haunted art of the Hades Master supersized and projected on a 360-degree giant cinematic screen.  Think Punch Drunk’s” Sleep No More” meets” Immersive Van Gogh” in a dark alley.

This is theatre for those who dare to play.  It is a play for the brave.  A night to awake hidden adventures.

Seating is limited to 7 groups of 6. Each group will visit to seven stages that feature seven challenges and reveal 7 stories. In between each stage is a danse that pulls you into 8 aspects of the Macabre.   Projections, actors, and puppets fill all corners of the 60 by 40 space.  Images dance around you as you move among them creating a kinesthetic experience of sight, sound, story and movement.


Opens Friday the 13th of May

Through June 4th

Friday Shows at 7 pm and 8:30 pm

Saturday Shows at 7 pm and 8:30 pm

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Performances At

River Park Field House Theatre

5100 North Francisco Ave.

Chicago, Il 60625


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